Shopper Attitudes Towards Sweeteners

Originally Published: October 23, 2018
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

Concern about sugar and other sweeteners continues to be an issue for shoppers. Sugar reduction remains top of mind with most of the world agreeing that decreasing sugar makes foods and beverages healthier. The answer is not that simple though. Consumers still have expectations for sweetness in certain categories, and the rise in eating cleaner and more natural makes artificial sweeteners an uncertain choice. What’s left is a confusing market for both sugar and artificial sweeteners. This presentation will discuss where people stand on sweeteners overall in relation to other dietary factors, the balance between sugar reduction, artificial sweeteners, and clean eating, and how positively or negatively individual sweeteners are rated.

Julie Johnson, General Manager, HealthFocus International, speaking on “Understanding Shopper Attitudes towards Sweeteners in the U.S.” and Beyond” at the 2018 Sweetener Systems Conference.