Retooling for New Sweetener Influencers

Originally Published: November 1, 2018
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

Even as sweet ingredients and product offerings proliferate, so do the number of factors influencing consumer opinions and the choices they make. This presentation will explore consumer research, health conditions data and trends in dietary, food consumption and lifestyle patterns to better understand consumer choices. Updated research from TrendSense®, a trend tracking service that analyzes consumer and medical/nutritional media coverage, will help attendees better understand consumer motivations. These insights will assist in the identification of key elements and synergies in a product’s design that can lead to improved marketplace success for new or reformulated products.

A. Elizabeth Sloan, Ph.D. and Catherine Adams Hutt, Ph.D., R.D., CFS, Sloan Trends, Inc. speaking on “You Are What You Eat: New & Emerging Consumer Views of What Should Be in Food” at the 2018 Sweetener Systems Conference.