Reducing Added Sugars vs Obesity

Originally Published: October 23, 2018
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

Added sugars have been enjoyed for millennia. They add enjoyment to meals, while providing energy and improving the palatability and functionality of foods. Added sugars have recently come under intense pressure, being promoted by health critics and agencies as singularly responsible for the current crisis of obesity and related diseases. From this pressure have emerged ingredient-specific public health policies and product-specific taxes, aimed at curbing consumption of added sugars. But is it reasonable to expect a reduction in added sugars to reverse the upward trend in overweight/obesity? This presentation will review the strength of scientific evidence against added sugars and the likelihood that regulatory policy and taxation efforts will be successful.

John S. White, Ph.D., White Technical Research speaking on “Reverse the Trends Towards Overweight & Obesity” at the 2018 Sweetener Systems Conference.


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