[Webinar] Benefits – Polyols, Allulose and Tagatose Presentation

Originally Published: February 21, 2022
Last Updated: February 25, 2022
Benefits - Polyols, Allulose and Tagatose Presentation

Benefits – Polyols, Allulose and Tagatose

Speaker: Melanie Goulson, MSc, President, Merlin Development

Melanie Goulson brings her deep experience and Merlin Development’s rich history to the critical intersection of ingredient applications, new product development, and sweetness. Melanie is General Manager with Merlin, which specializes in all aspects of food product development.

Melanie’s career began at Cargill focusing on the development and application of functional food ingredients, including both nutritive sweeteners and natural high potency sweeteners. She was a key contributor to the development of food grade stevia sweeteners as ingredients and also consumer products. Melanie is an adjunct professor at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN, and prior to joining Merlin, she was an independent consultant.

Melanie has a B.S. in Biotechnology and M.S. in Food Science. She is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists.

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Abstract: Stevia, monk fruit and older high potency sweeteners provide desired sweetness to products. However, many reduced-sugar foods would never make it into the marketplace without the additional presence of bulking ingredients. From tried-and-true favorites like isomalt to newer entrants like allulose, this presentation provides examples and technical tips of how these “partners to high intensity sweeteners” can help mitigate texture and flavor issues.

Excerpt from the Summary of this Webinar: All bulk sweeteners share some unique attributes including sweetness, low calories and being non-cariogenic. They may be much more or less soluble than sucrose, and much more or less hygroscopic than sucrose. Polyols are non-browning, because they no longer possess the aldehyde group. Erythritol has the most cooling effect. Regulations vary widely by type of ingredient, application and country—so formulators need to check local regulations carefully, advised Goulson.

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