2021 Sweetener Systems Post Webinar Magazine

Originally Published: March 1, 2022
Last Updated: March 5, 2022
2021 Sweetener Systems Webinar magazine

The Sweetener Systems Premium Webinar titled “Formulating with Sweet Enhancing Ingredients” was held by Global Food Forums in mid-2021. Designed for application scientists and R&D product formulators, it delivered practical insights and advice on consumer trends and the use of bulking agents, high-potency and other sweeteners in formulations. The webinar presentations—along with an article on global consumer trends and another about U.S. labeling regulations on ingredients considered “added sugar”—form the basis of the 2021 Sweetener Systems Post Webinar Magazine.

Scroll down & click the download button to access this magazine with its numerous web links. Speaker PowerPoints and videos can be accessed by clicking on the speaker presentation titles below. Also see the IN-PERSON 2022 CLEAN LABEL CONFERENCE for many more world renown speakers on clean labels,  sugar and salt reduction topics.

Table of Contents:

  • Success with High-Potency Sweeteners [Speaker]
    – John C. Fry, Ph.D., Director, Connect Consulting
    Practical advice on sweetener selection, use levels, prototype assessment and mitigating sweetener defects.
  • Formulating with Whole Fruit Ingredients [Speaker]
    – Kristen Sparkman, MSc, Culinologist, CuliNex, LLC
    Advice about the benefits and challenges of formulating with forms of whole fruit sweeteners, such as from apples and prunes to berries and dates.
  • Added Sugars Declarations in Nutrition Facts Labeling [Article on Sweetener Ingredient Labeling]
    – Lauren Swann, MS, RD, LDN, Concept Nutrition, Inc.
    When it comes to naturally sweet ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, what needs to be included as “Added Sugar” in the Nutrition Facts panel?
  • Sweetener Systems Information & Resources
    A page offering convenient links to Sweetener Systems magazines with presentation summaries, Global Food Forums webinars and future events.

We hope you will enjoy this 2021 Sweetener Systems Post Webinar magazine. See other post-event magazines on clean label, protein trends & technologies and sweetener systems from Global food forums at https://globalfoodforums.com/magazines. Topics covered include emerging ingredient technologies, advice on formulating on-trend consumer products and ingredient interactions within various food matrices. Additional regulatory and nutritional updates that impact product formulations as well as consumer and products trends are provided.