2017 Sweetener Systems Post Conference Magazine

Originally Published: August 24, 2017
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

The 2017 Sweetener Systems Post Conference Magazine provides a summary of key points from speakers at this event.

Table of Contents:

  • How do Consumers Really Feel about Sweeteners & Are These Feelings Changing?
    Tom Vierhile, MBA, Innovations Insight Director, GlobalData LLC
  • Why “No Calorie” makes “No Sense”
    Nancy E. Rawson, Ph.D., Associate Director, Monell Chemical Senses Center
  • FDA’s Nutrition Facts Panel and the Labeling of Added Sugars
    Bruce A. Silverglade, Principal, OFW Law
  • Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice? Is This Truth in Labeling?
    Julie Miller Jones, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor and Distinguished Scholar of Food and Nutrition, St. Catherine University
  • An Innovative Approach to Sugar Reduction
    – Susan Mayer, MSc, CFS, Innovation Advisor, Food & Agriculture Lead, RTI International
  • On-trend Ingredients: Polyol Properties, Labeling & Emerging Areas of Interest
    Peter Jamieson, MSc, Principal & Food Scientist, Atlas Point Technical Services, LLC
  • Functional Properties & Applications of Natural Sweeteners
    Mary Mulry, Ph.D., Managing Director, FoodWise One, LLC
  • Reducing Sugar in Baked Goods: Practical Considerations & Possible Solutions
    David F. Busken, Principal, Bakery Development Ltd.
  • Sidebar: Sensory Sampling: Balancing Sweet & Sour, Merlin Development
  • Sidebar: 8 Sweeteners, 1 Anti-Sweetener
  • 2017 Sweetener Systems Conference Summary Sponsor Profiles